this is my christmas/holiday gift to all of my followers!

these playbills are:

Godspell - Hunter Parrish

Anything Goes - Sutton Foster

Peter and The Star Catcher - one Christian Borle (colored) and two Michael Saldivar (black and white)

the rules:

  • you do need to follow be following me just because I am doing this for my followers
  • likes and reblogs count, you can reblog as many times as you would like
  • the more reblogs, the better chance you have of winning
  • I will choose the winner randomly with
  • I will enter your url as many times as you reblog/like the post

the winner will be chosen on January 1st! good luck & merry christmas/happy holidays!

edit: I will not be shipping to the UK as it costs too much but I will do another giveaway soon & make sure I am able to ship to you guys!

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