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“When I did Side Show with her, I was a swing, so I would watch her from the sidelines, and I was mesmerized by her. The fact that we are working together again is a full-circle kind of thing, and it’s so much fun every night. We really have love for each other and trust for each other. Like the other night, she hit me with a fist, not her open hand, but her closed fist, she went, “Bam!” into my chest, really wailed on me, and I grabbed her, but that was Diana and Dan, not Alice and Bobby. That’s the trust we have, we can beat each other up onstage.”

J. Robert Spencer on performing with Alice Ripley in Next to Normal [x]

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Betsy Wolfe arrives at her opening night for Bullets Over Broadway on Broadway, 4/10/2014

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max crumm & laura osnes at their final grease curtain call

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gavin creel won an oliver award for book or mormon today & I think that’s really cool


one time in broadway’s lion king the actor playing simba was sick and so were his understudies so they literally called the lead in aida a few blocks away who played simba to come and fill in even though he hadnt played simba in YEARS and he did and the audience never knew and theatre is incredible