the national touring production of “Pippin The Musical” 

@ChrisMzCarrell: Happy fall from Marius and Joly. 
May your leaves be forever crispy. 

“To me, I like to keep an open mind and not have too much of a definition of what beautiful can be because I find that it can be very surprising. Things that you would have never imagined can strike you as beautiful and sometimes come around the corner and take your breath away. So, I try to keep an open mind and let that definition always be evolving.”


the answer to 90% of the questions I get in a day.

I wish next to normal would happen right now with the original cast rather than when it did

imagine the HQ video’s & fancy edits I could make & being able to see it a ridiculous amount of times

shows I need to see, asap

  • this is our youth - a play
  • fun home - again
  • the curious incident of the dog in the night-time - the set look so incredible
  • beautiful - still have yet to see it, I suck

God, is this it? This can’t be it…Oh God, what a bitch.

The important thing about The Last Five Years is that I don’t feel like it’s the show’s job to tell you who’s at fault or what went wrong. It’s just a story that has to be told about two people who weren’t supposed to be together.

TRACK: Extraordinary
ARTIST: Matthew James Thomas
ALBUM: Pippin NT Sept. 13 2014
PLAYS: 1,280


If you love Matthew James Thomas

If you kinda know who he is

If you don’t know him

then you must listen to this

An unemployed actor at 1am: reading scripts, watching sportscenter, eating ice cream. You think Christian Bale ever had nights like this?